No Time for Social Media

As a small business we all know that we should be using social media. But it is often the case that we do not have the time to learn about it, use it let alone finding what to say, when best to say it and how to turn that into money.

As a small business or start up, it is often the case someone will recommend that you use Social Media to market your business. So off you go and set up a Twitter account, type hello and never log in again.

It’s not that you don’t want use social media. It is generally 3 things that stop people from using it

  1. Time
  2. Content
  3. Knowledge

This does not only apply to marketing hence, we have a bookkeeper, accountant and an administrative assistant

Do I really need to use social media for business?

Social media is a quick and easy way to create a communication link between company and consumer. In its simplest form it can tell the world that you are still alive and active. Use it correctly and you can generate leads and an income.

Social Media Tree

So should you be using Social Media and which one? Both questions depend on one thing. Your Market If your customer is there, you should be there too. If your market falls in the 11% of Adults in the UK who have never used the internet. Then Social Media may not be for your business.

However, if they are one of the 1.5 Billion users of Facebook or 320 Million Users of Twitter, then maybe you should pop in and say hello to them.

Make an hour in your day and log into those dormant social media accounts. And have a look at what is going on.

Delegating Social Media

Transcription, Engagement, Conversion

So how do you overcome those blocks and get social media working for you

Apple WatchTime
The easiest way to make time is to get someone else to do it. Delegate the same way that you have someone else doing your accounts or website. You could even delegate to automated systems like hootsuite which will post things online for you at scheduled times. Which leads to the next hurdle.

We all have lots of content in relation to our business and what we do. The only problem, it is in our heads! and the easiest way to get this out on paper (or computer)? Delegate, unload all your knowledge on to someone who can transcribe it, break it up in to digestible chunks and deliver it to the world.

Which platform to use, how to Tweet, when to post, what is a hashtag, what time should I send it. There are unlimited questions when it comes to the actual action of using social media.

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