• Making your life easier


Q1 – What are the benefits of a Personal Assistant?

Our service will provide you with a dedicated, highly experienced PA to support you in your business, making your life easier. We take care of those administrative tasks that are time-consuming, enabling you to focus on your core business and providing you with a good work/life balance.

Q2 – What makes us different?

It is a 1:1 service, which is based on confidentiality and trust. You know who you are speaking with and we pride ourselves on building sound relationships with our clients, getting to know them individually or as a company. We go the extra mile to get you through any difficulty.

Q3 – How do we help?

We start the process with a free consultation asking you what you want to achieve and seek to provide solutions. It may be that your business has grown and your admin is falling behind and you are struggling. You now need someone to delegate some of those tasks to in order to alleviate the pressure and enable you to achieve your goals.

Q4 – Why use us?

It is a flexible, cost effective service; there are no overheads – NI, Holiday/Sick cover, Training or Pension Schemes; you only pay for the hours used, whether ad hoc or on a regular basis.

Q5 – What will it cost?

We work on an hourly basis and you are invoiced according to the service or package you have selected. It is also perfect for those one-off projects. Prices start at £25.00 per hour.

If cost is an issue there is our Buy-in-Time vouchers which can be used from 2-7 hours and there are also bespoke packages available.

Q6 – What social media platforms do you manage?

Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin are the name platforms. We can also do Google+ and Instagram if required.

Q7 – How do I know if Social media is working?

We aim to grow your social media network to help you generate leads. We can report on how well your social media is performing but we cannot link that to income generated.

Q8 – Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Accurate, up to date bookkeeping helps you run your business more efficiently. Many business owners do not have the time to produce the necessary financial information required to help keep them up to date.

Q9 – What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

Bookkeepers ensure that the data entry is accurate, whilst Accountants will use that information to produce various compliance and business reports, such as Statutory Year End filing, Tax Returns, business plans etc.

Q10 – Should I outsource the bookkeeping?

To save the responsibility, compliance and costs associated with hiring and paying a staff member, outsourcing enables you to focus on your business with the knowledge that the bookkeeping is being looked after.