Stay Sane and Delegate

PHOTO-2office-620817-180Delegate is a word many small businesses seem to dislike but if you wish to increase productivity and stay focused on working on your business rather than in your business – you need to delegate. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Major tasks can and should be delegated, not just the things you do not wish to do.

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Receipts & Invoices

CalculatorThe bane of so many small businesses or individuals. They collect so many through the day, week and month, file them in an envelope or bag and forget about them until the year end accounts need to be prepared!

It would be much easier to organise and input them on a regular basis; avoid the backlog and be ready at the end of the financial year.


Good for those who perhaps do not have the time to spend preparing reports or inventories but require a quick turnaround.

Upload them digitally and have them transcribed and ready for your next meeting.