It’s that time of the year….. Only 5 weeks to Christmas!

ChristmasHow prepared are you? Will you be leaving it all to the last minute?

It sounds a little early, but Christmas is only a few weeks away; it is time to get organised and ready so that you can enjoy the festivities.

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No Time for Social Media

As a small business we all know that we should be using social media. But it is often the case that we do not have the time to learn about it, use it let alone finding what to say, when best to say it and how to turn that into money.

As a small business or start up, it is often the case someone will recommend that you use Social Media to market your business. So off you go and set up a Twitter account, type hello and never log in again.

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A number of small business owners believe they can do everything themselves and are reluctant to hand tasks to someone else.

PAs are the strength behind large or small companies; they provide a seamless flow whether it is ensuring that meetings start on time, the correct papers are provided, travel/ accommodation arrangements are in place.

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